1. What is Artists on Art?

Artists on Art is an online delivered digital-only art magazine. Each bi-monthly issue contains approximately 10 articles written by master artists and connoisseurs. Because of our digital format, we can deliver high-resolution photography, video and other interactivity directly into the magazine—it’s a wonderful reading experience.

2. What are my subscription options?

We currently have two yearly subscription plans. For $14 per year, you can have constant access to the main online version of the magazine. For $18 per year, in addition to the online version, you can also download a .pdf version of the magazine for offline viewing and storing/printing.

3. How do I subscribe?

Visit our Home page at www.artists-on-art.com and select your plan and continue with the simple payment process. We accept all major credit cards including international sales and access.

4. I’m outside the United States, can I subscribe?

Yes! For subscribers outside the US, our system does not require a postal code. If you leave that field blank, then you should have no trouble subscribing with any major credit card.

5. Will the magazine work on my device?

Artists on Art is developed for your personal computer and also optimized for touch-screen tablets such as the iPad. Smaller mobile phones such as the iPhone or Blackberry will allow you to view and read the magazine through its internet browser, but the experience may not be as delightful.

6. I have an iPad, how do I add Artists on Art to the home screen?

Log in to your Artists on Art Dashboard through Safari and select the “+” button on the application bar. Select “Add to home screen” and give it the label of your choice. An icon will be added to your home screen and you’ll be able to interact with the magazine full-screen without the browser bar. Enjoy!

7. How do I edit my account and credit card info (or cancel my subscription)?

Once logged in, click the “Account” button on the top right of your dashboard screen. Edit and save your information, change your subscription plan, or select “Cancel subscription”. If you remove your subscription, you will continue to have access to your account and your purchases.

8. The magazine looks funny and things are poorly aligned.

Chances are, your using a fairly old version of an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera). If you go to your browser company’s home page and upgrade your browser for free, chances are all your problems will be resolved. Much of Artists on Art’s functionality is based on trending technologies and as we attempt to stay on the forefront of digital publishing, we hope you as the reader will also do the same.

9. Does Artists on Art auto renew my subscription?

Yes, Artists on Art uses credit card based subscription plans and our secure, industry-best, third party payment gateway safely stores your credit information (Artists on Art does not have access to, or store your credit card information). No transaction will happen without your approval. A week before your anniversary date, an email will be sent to you that will notify you of the renewal and give you an opportunity to instantly renew, update your card information, or cancel your subscription.

10. What about back issues?

An Artists on Art subscription is a yearly plan that starts on the day of purchase and continues for an entire year till your anniversary date. You will have instant access to the current issue and the next five issues. Any issue that was released prior to your subscribing will show up in your dashboard as inactive. You can add any back issue to your account by charging your card the single issue fee of $5.00. Simple click on the grayed out issue thumbnail and select the “purchase” button from the dialog box.

11. How does Artists on Art select the authors that will contribute to an issue?

Artists on Art is a highly curated publication that selects only the most elite and recognized artists and connoisseurs. Headed by our curatorial director, our team personally finds and contacts our hopeful contributors. If you are or want to request a contributor, contact us at staff@artists-on-art.com and we will consider your recommendation.

12. How do I contact Artists on Art

Artists on Art is a purely internet-based publisher and does not have a primary office. To contact our team, email us at staff@artists-on-art.com and we will quickly reply to your request.